APCA’s Community Health Workforce

Time flies when we’re having fun! Alaska Primary Care Association has been busy and in less than five months, our Health Workforce has come into fruition. In August, many of the grants and initiatives were just ideas. Now, APCA employs fourteen Community Health Workers and Community Health Workforce Support staff between Anchorage and the Valley. We are looking forward to onboarding our first Fairbanks CHW in the upcoming weeks.

The CHWs stay busy, no matter where they are, as they work in different host sites providing services and education across the Anchorage and Mat-Su Communities. Currently, the CHWs are supporting non-profits and community centers like: The Alaska Literacy Program, Anchorage Project Access, Catholic Social Services, Identity Health Clinic, Connect Mat-Su, Envoy, and YWCA.

While working in these spaces, our CHWs are supporting COVID, vaccination, and health education for the people within those communities. Many of our CHWs have a unique perspective that helps with the advocacy work at their site.

What’s unique about the CHW program is that while they are supporting health and wellness in Alaska, these employees are also on a path for self-improvement. They are learning skills like outreach and communication skills, computer processing skills, and more. The Program Manager, Christine Bishop, continues to diligently find ways to make sure that the program is accessible and evolving to reach the different goals established by the grants that fund the program.

We anticipate hiring dozens more Community Health Workers over the coming months, and they are going to need a place to work and provide their services. If your clinic or organization is interested in potentially hosting a CHW, please contact us! We’d love to tell you more! If you’re unable to host a CHW, there are other ways to support the program – including signing up for their newsletter. Please email katel@alaskapca.org OR ashleyg@alaskapca.org to subscribe!