The Native Village of Eyak

The Native Village of Eyak is an Alaska Native Village mostly comprised of four distinct Alaska Native peoples (Eyak, Chugach Region People, Tlingit, and Athabaskan) who are organized together as a federally recognized tribe.

The area has always been a place known for trading, and traditionally the Eyak people acted as middlemen for the traders.  These have always been abundant lands and waters both for personal and commercial use through trading.  Our traditional lands follow the boundaries set under ANCSA in 1971 and stretch across the Copper River Delta and Prince William Sound to encompass Middleton Island. There are many historical village sites across our lands, with the last traditional village annexed into the City of Cordova in the early 1900’s.

Today, ancient grave sites, longhouse remnants and culturally altered vegetation attest to the rich history of our homelands.  NVE supports the revitalization of our traditional languages and culture through annual events and heritage preservation which includes subsistence activities, skin sewing, weaving and beading as well as exercising our sovereign rights to self-governance through self-determination.