LCSW/BH Consultant

LCSW/BH Consultant

Peninsula Community Health Services of Alaska
January 5, 2022
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The LCSW/Behavioral Health Consultant, as part of the primary care treatment team, identifies, triages and manages patients with medical and behavioral health problems within the primary care setting.  In addition, the LCSW will provide skill training through psychoeducation and patient education strategies and will develop specific behavioral change plans for patients and behavioral health protocols for target populations.  Will manage own case load and provide psychotherapy to identified clients.

  • Formulate behavioral health interventions appropriate to a primary care setting and assist with implementation and monitoring of treatment plans.
  • Assist primary health care providers in recognizing and treating mental disorders and psychosocial problems.
  • Work as team with providers to coordinate care for patient.
  • Assess the clinical status of patients referred by primary care providers through brief consultative contacts.
  • Work with primary care team to triage patients and provide referrals to specialty care behavioral health as appropriate.
  • Assist in the detection of “at risk” patients and development of plans to prevent further psychological or physical deterioration.
  • Assist in preventing relapse or morbidity in conditions that tend to recur over time.
  • Teach patients, families, and staff care, prevention, and treatment enhancement techniques.
  • Provide targeted assessments and evaluations, including diagnostic impressions and the utilization of screening tools.
  • Provide timely and succinct feedback regarding consultation findings and recommendations.
  • Provide Behavioral Health consultation services as needed when BHC is not available. As a Health Coach, provide immediate high-quality behavioral health services to new and existing patients in the medical clinic through coordination with medical providers using modalities such as motivational interviewing following an “always available, always interruptible” workflow.
  • Provide training and guidance to primary care and specialty providers about the Health Coach role.
  • When appropriate, coordinate and provide additional behavioral healthcare to patients after initial hand-off from primary care provider.

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Application Instructions

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