Grassroots Advocacy

What is Grassroots Advocacy?

Grassroots Advocates include Community Health Center (CHC) staff and patients, Primary Care Association staff, and community collaborators with similar missions. The national and state healthcare environment is changing rapidly, with budget constraints, policy changes, and program creation. As these changes occur, you have a choice to make — to sit by and let these changes happen or to act to make the CHC voice heard. Please contact APCA’s Health Policy Integration/Advocacy Department to be a part of our active Grassroots Advocacy network.

How to Become Involved

Without the voices from across the state who share APCA’s mission of advocacy and the passion to improve health care access for all Alaskans, the work started by the APCA Advocacy Team cannot be completed. Lawmakers want and need to know their constituents’ wants and needs.

Lawmakers need to hear from people who are in the field, people who know all about how the “rubber meets the road” in their own communities. Whether you are a health center staff, a community member, a health center patient, or a local board member, you are an expert in the eyes of policy makers. Your story, your experiences, and your ideas of what are important, matters.

Your quest for advocacy guidance and your commitment to the promotion of positive health policy will help ensure increased health care access for the uninsured, the underinsured, and for all Alaskans. While advocacy for health policy can be a daunting and difficult task, advocacy can be equally rewarding, fun, and invigorating. If you’d like some general guidelines to get started, please contact

For additional information, or to address any questions or concerns If you have any specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the APCA Advocacy Team at