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Alaska Primary Care Association

Sponsors & Members

APCA sponsors support activities for which there are no other funding, that support health centers and the patients, staff, and communities that they serve.

2024 Sponsors

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Washington Association Group Purchasing Program

The Alaska Primary Care Association and the Washington Association for Community Health have partnered for many years with the Washington Association Group Purchasing Program.

Using this Program saves your health center money and also benefits your PCA. In addition to discounted pricing on supplies and resources that you use most, the program provides access to vetted suppliers and distributors to help fill in the gaps when larger suppliers set up allocations. The Group Purchasing Program offers a Newsletter, Webinars on topics relevant to you and an annual conference.

If you are not receiving the GP communications or would like more info about the program, contact Terri Blazell-Wayson, Group Purchasing Coordinator

Here is the link to our webpage where you can find a vendor list and access to the most recent newsletters.



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