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Alaska Primary Care Association

Health Policy & Advocacy

Together, with Alaska community health centers, our community partners, and fellow advocates, the Alaska Primary Care Association (APCA) Government Affairs Team works to expand the culture of advocacy to support responsible health policy initiatives at both the state and national levels.

APCA’s Government Affairs Team is prepared with expert knowledge and decades of advocacy experience to effectively elevate the voice of Alaska community health centers (CHCs) and other safety-net healthcare organizations. Together, we advocate for improved access to whole-person care, a strong and supported healthcare workforce, and responsible and effective healthcare reform initiatives. The team works closely with health center leaders to determine APCA’s annual legislative priorities and design strategies to meet those legislative goals each year. It also hosts an annual Juneau Fly-In and national Fly-In in conjunction with the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). APCA and health center advocates diligently educate lawmakers and government officials about the community health center model and payment structure, and Alaska’s medical safety net, and supports, opposes, influences, and proposes specific legislation.

At the state level, APCA partners closely with the Alaska State Legislature, the Alaska Department of Health, and a range of state and local health partner organizations. On a federal level, APCA harbors close relationships with the Alaska State Federal Delegation and the United States Department of Health and Human Services – Health Resource.