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Alaska Primary Care Association

Peer Groups & Health Center Support Programs

APCA Peer Groups provide forums for subject and job-specific collaboration, problem-solving and peer support, and online and in-person group learning. They are supported by email listservs and curated online resources for their members moderated by APCA staff members.

Staff of Alaska health centers are invited to join and participate. Below is a list of the primary peer groups. Additional peer groups may be added to address specific, time-sensitive issues and topics of a more focused nature.

Clinical Peer Groups

Behavioral Health Peer Providers Network

Health Center behavioral health providers and their team members come together on issues related to behavioral health integration, screening, and addressing the needs of their patients.

Clinicians Peer Network

Clinical providers of all types (medical, dental, behavioral health, and pharmacy) are welcome to join this group that supports clinical practices, patient-centered care, practice management, and integration issues.

Pharmacy Peer Network

This group is for pharmacists and pharmacy team members and supports pharmacy and dispensary issues including clinical, operations, and safety.

Health Center Finance Peer Groups

Billing and Coding Peer Network

This network supports billing, coding, and revenue cycle professionals together. The network meets bi-monthly and is a mix of didactic, discussion, and roundtables.

Finance Peer Network

APCA’s Finance Peer Network is for finance professionals and CFOs. It meets bi-monthly.

Health Center Operations Peer Groups


AQuIN supports the health center participants of Alaska’s Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN). They focus on Health Information Technology (HIT), and data collection and use. Participants benefit from cost reduction through group purchasing and grant initiatives.


The Alaska Quality Improvement Network (AQuIN) facilitates the AthenaOne EHR users group for members all over the state.


APCA’s Emergency Management Program empowers CHC leaders with training and resources for effective emergency planning, preparation, response, and recovery activities, along with training on compliance with CMS emergency management requirements. APCA program managers offer crisis guidance and support.


APCA’s Assisters Peer Network brings professionals together from around the state to share ideas, seek advice, and offer support to peers around topics related to outreach and eligibility.


RACN is APCA’s longest-operating peer group and provides direct support of all kinds to health center leaders in Alaska’s rural health centers.

Workforce Peer Groups


Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment & Retention addresses issues ranging from exchanging health center job opportunities to diving deeply into issues from workforce housing to career ladders.